2015 in review

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 520 times in 2015. If it were a cable car, it would take about 9 trips to carry that many people.

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Diego Bolson Ruzzarin - CEO Foodlosofia

Stimulating the dialogue between food business and food design universities

‘Food Design North America 2015’

In my conversations with food design expert and CEO of Foodlosofia Diego Ruzzarin, we always touch upon the relevance of the new generation of food design thinkers, academics and business leaders. Diego tells me he is thrilled to be part of the upcoming 2nd International Conference on Food Design, organized by the University ‘The New School’ and co-hosted by Food Design North America (FDNA). It will be a one day Symposium about the teaching and formation of food design in universities, followed by a 2-day Conference, which is being held in November in New York.

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Why Food Design belongs in the boardroom of food companies.

Food design expert and CEO of Foodlosofia Diego Ruzzarin has been invited as a speaker and workshop leader to the Encuentro Latinoamericano de Food Design in Porto Alegre in October 2015. I talk with Diego about his groundbreaking vision on food design and how he shares it with people from his industry. This event is organized by the the Red Latinoamericana de Food Design, an initiative lead by Pedro Reissig.

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Sharing my vision at the EXPO Milano

I’m catching up with food design expert and CEO of Foodlosofia Diego Ruzzarin who is busy preparing his contribution to the Milan World Expo 2015. Currently running in the northern Italian city until 31 October, its theme is ‘Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life’. Something close to Diego’s heart. At the expo, Diego is sharing his vision at the Mexican pavilion which has the theme ‘Mexico. The Seed for the New World: Food, Diversity and Heritage’. I’m curious to find out more.

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Diego Bolson Ruzzarin - FOODLOSOFIA

Foodlosofia The Interview: The philosophy of food, a new concept – Diego Ruzzarin

Interview in Spanish by Verónica Batiz, for ‘In Trend For Men’

IT- Diego, cuéntanos acera de tus estudios y especialidad:

Estudié diseño industrial en el Tecnológico de Monterrey. Aunque soy Brasileño tengo mucho tiempo de haber vivido en México.

IT- Estuviste fuera de Monterrey varios años, cuéntanos en qué países viviste y cuál fue el motivo:

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Diego Ruzzarin - Foodlosofia

Promoting the “New Made in Brazil” – Diego Ruzzarin

The Event Selecao Brasileira de Alimentos, or SBA, developed by Enivrance, was a one of a kind event to promote a “New Made in Brazil”. Brazil is known for being a destination full of festivity and great experiences, but in terms of food, Brazil is mostly a commodity producer. The Farm of the world.
The New Made in Brazil is a reference to a new level of experience in the form of new, cool and innovative products for the international market. A team of 13 innovations in different food and beverages categories, from coffee to biscuits, Brazil becomes a house of brands, ideas and vision for the future.

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